Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fresh Mozzarella

When my sister Monica and her husband Jim were here we had to suffer through a rainy day, so we decided to make some Fresh Mozzarella. If you've never done it it's easy, doesn't take long, and is way good. I use the recipe from There are lots of recipes around but this one works well, although I think it comes out a little salty so I cut back on that a little.

There are only four ingredients, milk, food grade citric acid, rennet and salt. You can probably find the rennet at the food store, but you might have to order the citric acid on-line. The only tools you need, other than the pot and the stove, is an accurate thermometer and some cheesecloth. You mix the milk and citric acid, and heat it up.

Then you mix in the rennet and let it sit for a little while.

Then you strain it through the cheesecloth.

Then there's a little heating and squishing and stretching and heating and squishing and stretching.

Then you eat it. Tomatoes are optional.

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