Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Solar calendar

Yesterday was the equinox, equal day and night. It's not really equal day and night for a couple of reasons. One, daylight is generally considered to begin when the first part of the disk of the sun is visible above the horizon, and to end when the last of the disk is no longer visible. Whereas, the equinox refers to the center of the disk of the sun. Two, the curvature of our atmosphere causes refraction that allows us to see the sun before it is actually above the horizon, but I digress.

For some time I have been thinking about building a device that is kind of the equivalent of a sun dial, but instead of telling the time it would tell the date. We all realize that the fact that the earth is tilted relative to the plane of the ecliptic gives us our seasons. As the earth moves around the sun that tilt causes the sun to appear higher in the sky at some times of the year than at others. I wanted to use the changing height of the sun, and thus the change in the location of the shadows that it casts, to mark the passage through the year. It would work kind of like this.
I also wanted it big enough so that the day-to-day changes would be observable as a way of connecting with the movement of the earth through space.

As it turns out I have a wall in the courtyard of my home in Florida that was crying out for some decoration, So here it is.

My plan was to cut pieces of wood in short arcs and assemble them end-to-end. I was discussing the project with my friend Jim Nemec, who is, among other things, a boat builder. He allowed as how that was the incorrect way to do it, and that I should cut thin strips and laminate them into a curve. As it turns out, he was correct.
I bought a piece of mahogany and ripped it into strips a little over five feet long.

Then I cut some particle board to form an arc of a circle with a ten foot diameter, the arc being a little longer than my mahogany strips, and screwed the particle board to my workbench.

Jim and I then slathered a bunch of epoxy onto the strips and clamped them to the form.

The next day I popped it off, sanded it and trimmed it.

Then I finished it with boat varnish.

As luck would have it, I finished it just in time because, as I said earlier, yesterday was the autumnal equinox (in the northern hemisphere or the vernal equinox in the southern hemisphere). That was important because I want the equinoxes to be exactly in the middle of my calender. Thus, I had to note the position of the shadow yesterday, and mount it such that it fell right in the middle, and such that the brass rod that I attached to the wall was at the center of the circle determined by the arc of the calendar.

Getting it in the exact position, both technically and aesthetically was no mean feat and required the assistance of my brother John and his wife Doreen, holding...looking...holding...marking.... But it's up, and here it is.

I have a measuring tape on the calendar so I can record the position of the shadow each day. I'm not sure how I'm going to mark the days on the calendar, But I have a year of recording before I need to figure that out. I'll report back next September.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Basket Bench

These projects have a lot of hidden costs.

Peg thought we needed a headboard for our bed down here in Florida. She opined that I could probably whip something up in not too much time for not too much money. We haven't decided whether to buy a king size bed (I'm not sure you realize how much mattresses cost) or stick with the queen size, so while we're wrestling over that I made a bench for the foot of the bed that would work for either size.

 I made the bench from cherry. Here is the top with mortise and tenon joints, and biscuits for the mitered corners, and here it is assembled.

This is the body of the bench where I used half-lap joints.
I used pre-woven caning material for the seat sections of the top, the sides and the back.
 Here is the body assembled.
 These are all the parts, varnished and ready to put together.
 This is the completed top ...
 and the back with the caning installed.
All put together.
And in place. I'll give you an update on the headboard once we decide that mattress question.